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  1. Help!,
    We are currently overseas for 6 weeks. Every where we go we get frozen out of our account because it seems like someone else is using our account. They are not. I have had to send for code s to re activate our account but am no totally locked out and now totally confused. Our user name is *******@hotmail.com. This really beginning to ruin our holiday. Please send a message to the mobile number to confirm what I should next. We are on a cruise and get to pets about every send day. Soon we will be in USA.

    • Hello Rob
      Hotmail tries to protect your account if someone tries to login from unknown location. If you can get text, you can easily verify it’s you.
      And don’t share your email address and password in internet. Never ever type your password in comment box.

    • Hello Dale
      This is security feature of Hotmail account to prevent someone else logging into your account. To bypass this security step when logging into Hotmail you can set ‘remember this device’ in which Hotmail ask security verification. Another reason for verification may be 2 step verification. You can turn it off, if you regularly sign in to Hotmail from new devices.

  2. I switched from Roboform to Last pass and before I could find the old password I was locked out. I still do not know the old password and am at a loss when I am allowed back on.

  3. I cannot access my email (Hotmail). Keeps telling me it needs my pw then when I enter it -it asks me for a code

    • Hello Linda Knutson
      If you are login to Hotmail after a long time, log in from unknown device or place then Hotmail may ask you to enter code. It is for your account security. Enter the code and you’ll be fine, you’ll receive the code on your phone. If you are still unable to sign in then reset Hotmail password.

  4. I am pissed off thatmy hotmail account has changed. I have lost some important emails thatI need. This site is so busy and confusing and I hate the advertisements. we are inundated with stupid ads in everything we do. Can I not just have a simple clean hotmail accoun. I will be be dropping my hotmail account!!!

    • Hello Marilyn
      You are using Hotmail from web or mobile app? And if you are using official Outlook Mail app from Microsoft?
      In comparison to many other email providers, Hotmail has very few ads.
      To completely remove ads, you can buy office 365.

  5. What the bloody hell are you people in at Hotmail doing? All i want to do is check my inbox and you have all this other shit happening and i can’t access my inbox. get your act together and stop stuffing around with something that worked well before now. Allow me to get into my inbox and check my mail or i will have to go to Yahoo.

    • Hello Farser Kirwan,

      You may have entered wrong username/email address, or Hotmail account login password. First check whether CapsLock is ON or NOT, Hotmail password is case sensitive and do not omit @hotmail.com portion on email address. If everything is fine, you can easily reset Hotmail login password and gain access to Hotmail Inbox. Follow steps to reset Hotmail password here: https://signinsupport.com/reset-hotmail-password/

  6. can not sign in to check my email, being trying for two hour, can not finish important work. when you join up with outlook Hotmail with to shit. if I can not do a simple thing like login in, I have to go to yahoo, because Hotmail is wasting my time. please do not tell me to check my password and login, done it,

  7. A lot of my emails are not coming through, try to get codes sent from important login things and they are not showing up.

    • Hello Jenniger,
      Many times, such emails sent into the junk folder. So if you don’t get emails in inbox, don’t forget to check Junk folder.

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