4 thoughts on “Gmail Password Reset”

  1. In case you forget answers for your security questions too you can opt for “secondary email” option where a password will be sent to your secondary email address so that you can use to recover your account.

  2. i have created a gmail account (****[email protected]) a few years ago.
    I am trying to log in but i cant remember the password or the questions asked- the phone number i have registered is non existant and there is no way i can get the number.I cannot remember the recovery questions or previous password
    I need to activate this account please assist me as i would change the phone number if i could

    • If you don’t have access of either to alternative email address or Gmail account recovery phone number, you can still recover Gmail account using Google account recovery form. But it fully depends upon how correctly and thoroughly you provide information to your Gmail account. Now all you can is submit Google account recovery form and wait until Google team response you on Gmail account password reset process.

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