Yahoo Mail App For Phone and Tablets

Yahoo Mail app makes your email experience in mobile better and easier. It is a feature packed application which can be used on your Apple, Android, and Windows devices. You can manage Yahoo inbox from the app. Creating and sending emails, receiving emails with rules, performing search can be done from Yahoo mobile app itself. And With recent update files can be accessed from Google Drive and Dropbox, Photos, and GIFs from Tumblr.

Yahoo Mail app for Phone and Tablets

Yahoo Mail app for Android phone and tablets

Yahoo has developed a good looking, easy to use Mail app for Android. From which, you can access emails on the go. You can add Google, Outlook and AOL accounts but it lacks feature like adding exchange emails, POP, IMAP accounts.

  1. Download Yahoo Email app for Android.
  2. Open Yahoo app from the menu option.
  3. Select ‘Sign in’ as shown below.
    Yahoo Mail App
  4. Enter your Yahoo email account and click ‘Next’.
    Yahoo Mobile Sign In
  5. Enter your Yahoo password and select ‘Sign in’.
    Yahoo Mobile Login
  6. You will reach int Yahoo Inbox. If you want another account in this app, select menu (3 small lines) on the top left corner and select ‘Add another mailbox‘.Login Yahoo Mobile

Yahoo Mail for iPhone

Yahoo Mail for iPhone and Android are a little bit different on user interface though both have the same features and functionalities.

  • Download Yahoo Email app for iPhone.
  • Open Yahoo app from Yahoo and enter your Yahoo email id and tap ‘Next’.
  • Enter your password and tap ‘Sign in’ if you already have Yahoo mail app on another device, you can log in without a password.
  • You will reach in Yahoo Inbox. You can manage emails from the inbox. To add another email account select the circle or your photo in the top right corner.
  • Tap ‘Add another mailbox’ and follow the steps there.

Yahoo Mail App for Windows

Yahoo Mail app for Windows 10 brings the same email experience like browser along with Windows feature like desktop notification, showing the number of unread emails on the lock screen and dynamic live tile in Start menu. In Yahoo email app for Windows 10, you can customize your inbox with various themes from Flickr. The search feature in this app will let you find anything you want to find easily.

You can download this app in Windows 10 Desktop, Laptop, and Tablets.

Download Yahoo Email app for Windows 10 device.

7 Yahoo Mail App Features Which Makes You Efficient

  • Account Key Login
    With Yahoo account key, you do not need a password to login to Yahoo mail. After activating account key, whenever you have to sign in from another browser or device, instead of entering a password you just have to tap ‘Yes’ on the notification on mobile. It is very easy, hassle-free and time-saving technique. Activate Yahoo account key.
  • Efficient search function
    With search option on Yahoo mail app, you can search for anything in your email immediately. You can search by keyword, name or email address. This way you don’t have to scroll too many emails to find a single email.
  • Gmail, Outlook and AOL mail integration
    Multiple email accounts can be added in Yahoo Mail mobile app. You can add Gmail,, Hotmail, Live Mail and AOL Mail in this app. If you have multiple Yahoo accounts, You can add another Yahoo accounts also.
  • Yahoo news/music on a single click
    Yahoo News or Music can be checked from a single touch. You can check the news from the app, so you don’t have to open another app to check the news.
  • Swipe Actions
    Actions can be taken on emails with a single swipe. The default action is when you swipe from right to left, it will delete that email. If you swipe from left to right, it will mark that email as read. You can change how swipe works from the setting.
  • Multiple themes
    You can select any color theme from various themes. If you love to customize the mailbox, then you surely going to like this option.
  • Cloud Storage
    You can link your Google Drive and Dropbox account in Yahoo mail application. By which, you can access all your files and documents from those cloud storage.

In addition to the above features, you can create folders, select multiple emails with a long press and take action, and organize emails in different folders from Yahoo mail app. Login to Yahoo Mail from PC.





Yahoo Mail Log Out (Yahoo Sign Out)

Yahoo Mail Log Out

It’s important to log out Yahoo Mail inbox for better security of Yahoo account if you’re not using Yahoo mail from your own devices. We suggest not to check ‘Stay signed in‘ box underneath the login button, especially when you sign into Yahoo Mail account from any unknown devices. Enabling this feature saves login credentials as cookies in web-browser. Later on, Yahoo Mail account will automatically be logged in when a new user navigates Yahoo Mail sign-in page. It may be harmful to Yahoo Mail account. So, signing out of Yahoo Mail account prevents Yahoo email accounts in such hazardous conditions. If you are using public device to access your Yahoo mail you are recommended to use private or incognito mode to access your account.

When using Yahoo from public device, you have to sign out from Yahoo email account so that no one can access it without Yahoo Mail Login password. Follow our step by step guide for safe Yahoo Mail sign out from your Yahoo email account.

Log Out of Yahoo Mail Steps

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the user icon along with your name at the right top of your Yahoo Mail inbox.
  2. Click the sign out Button from the pop-up windows as shown below.
    Yahoo Sign Out
  3. After you click ‘Sign Out‘, you will be redirected to the home page of Yahoo Mail. It must show ‘Sign in’ at the right to the corner.
  4. Now you have successfully signed out from your Yahoo mail account.

Yahoo Mail Log Out Using Recent Activities

Sometimes we may forget to Sign out of Yahoo Mail account. In this case, you can use this option to log out your account successfully. Remember that you need to sign in Yahoo Mail account first to start this option. Following steps will help you to sign out Yahoo Mail account successfully.

  1. Go to ‘Account info‘ or navigate Yahoo Mail Account Info directly.
  2. Click on ‘Recent activity‘.
    You will find the list of the last few activities associated with your account. You can also revoke access to apps that are connected to your account.
    Yahoo Mail Log Out
  3. Click ‘Sign Out‘ for each session that you want to Log Out off.

The session will be signed out immediately. You will get a new pop-up message right below your recent activities list. You can log in to Yahoo Mail again after signing out.





Yahoo Mail Problems and Solutions

Yahoo Mail Problems

Numbers of Yahoo mail problems are rising despite Yahoo’s effort to give a good user experience. We will walk you through some common Yahoo mail problems and solutions to them.

Yahoo Mail Login Problems

Sorry, We don’t recognize this email

You get this alert when you are logging to Yahoo Email account. This error message means you are entering an incorrect username. Re-enter your username correctly.

Yahoo Mail Problems

Invalid Password. Please Try Again

This error message means you entered incorrect Yahoo Mail Login password.

  • If you are sure you’ve entered the right password and still not being able to log in, then check ‘Caps lock’ and ‘Num Lock’. Turn both of them off, if you have to enter capital letters use ‘Shift Key’.
  • If the problem persists, reset Yahoo Mail password and sign in with a new password.

“Account Locked” Messages

If your account is signed in from an unknown device or location or there are too many sign-in attempts, then your account will be temporarily locked. This lock will be lifted after 12 hours, but you can immediately gain access to Yahoo mail with the sign in helper.

Yahoo Mail sign-in page Reloads Every Time

Many time while logging in to Yahoo email, you got trapped in a loop where login page reappears every time you click ‘Sign in’ option.

  1. Reset your browser’s cookies and restart the browser.
  2. Instead of directly logging into Yahoo Mail, sign in to Yahoo home page, sign in there and navigate to Yahoo Mail.
  3. If the problem continues, try steps as mentioned as earlier in other browsers.

Too Much Spam in Yahoo Mail

Though Yahoo Mail has spam filters, many spam emails pass through it. These junk emails clutter your inbox, and many time they come with viruses so follow these steps to avoid spam emails.

  1. Click on ‘More’ (right beside archive) option in your Yahoo inbox and select ‘Spam’ for the junk emails, so that Yahoo will filter such messages in future.
  2. If you are getting regular emails from channels/sites you’ve subscribed and you don’t want them anymore, then you can unsubscribe them.
  3. If you don’t want mail from any particular email address, you can block them.

Yahoo Mail Down

Many time Yahoo services stop working because there are some technical issues on Yahoo’s side. If Yahoo Mail is down, then you have no other option then to wait for Yahoo to fix the problem.

Forgot Yahoo Password? How to reset Yahoo password?

Reset Yahoo Password

Forgot Yahoo Password? Yahoo Mail has a service SignIn-Helper using which you can reset Yahoo password. You can recover Yahoo password using a mobile phone number, alternate email address or answers to the security question that you have chosen at the time of signing up. Do not forget to confirm that you have updated recovery options in case you locked out of Yahoo account.

Forgot Yahoo Password? Reset Yahoo Password Using a Phone Number

  1. Go to Yahoo SignIn Helper. (It is Yahoo Password Helper)
    Alternately, you can go to Yahoo Sign In Homepage > Enter your email > click Next > Forgot Password.
  2. Enter your email address (Yahoo username) and click ‘Continue‘.
    Forgot Yahoo Password
  3. Prove you’re not a robot. Enter captcha code if you’re asked to enter it. And click ‘Continue‘.
    If the code is not visible or you don’t get it properly, try a new code. Or click Audio code to listen to Captcha code.
  4. The new page shows you the first and last two digits of your phone number. Enter two missing number for the last four digits of your mobile number. And click ‘Submit‘.
  5. Yahoo will ask do you have access to that number, click ‘Yes, text me an Account Key‘.
    Reset Yahoo Password
  6. Shortly you will receive a code in your SMS. Enter the verification code and then click ‘Verify‘.
    Recover Yahoo Password
  7. After your code is matched, you will be logged into your Yahoo account.
  8. At last, click ‘Create a new Password’ to reset Yahoo Mail Password. Now, you can click ‘Continue’ to access Yahoo Mail regularly.
    Create a new Yahoo Password

Recover Yahoo Password Using Alternate Email Address

If you forgot Yahoo password and do not have access to the registered number, then you can use this method to reset Yahoo Mail password.

  1. Visit the Yahoo Mail Password Helper page.
  2. Enter the email address of which you want to reset the password and click ‘Continue‘.
  3. If you have already verified your phone number to Yahoo email account then option to reset your password via text message will show up. Click on, ‘I don’t know the digits‘.
  4. Now you will see your alternate email address of yahoo account in a masked format. First, check first one and last two letters of your alternative email address and then click ‘Yes, send me an Account Key‘. Before that, make sure that you have access to that alternative email account.
    Forgot Yahoo Password
  5. You will receive an email with the title ‘Recover access to your Yahoo account’ in your alternative email address inbox. Enter the verification code that is sent and then click on ‘Verify‘. Note: also check your spam folders in your alternate email.
    Yahoo Password Reset
  6. You will now be logged to your Yahoo account, either click ‘Continue’ to use Yahoo Mail or click ‘Create new password‘ to create new yahoo password.
    You’ll be then landed onto the following Yahoo password reset page. Type the new Yahoo password and then retype it to confirm. Tick ‘box’ near to show the password to see what you type as a password. Click ‘Continue’ as follow to complete Yahoo Mail password reset process.
    Forgot Yahoo Mail Login Password

Reset Yahoo email password using the secret question

NOTE: These steps are valid for accounts which have already set up their secret questions and answer.
  1. Visit Yahoo Sign-in Helper.
  2. Enter your Yahoo ID and click the next button.
  3. Choose ‘Use my secret questions‘ then click ‘Next’.
  4. Input the correct answers to your secret questions set beforehand then click ‘Next’.
  5. Finally, enter a new password and click ‘Next’.

Procedure to Reset Yahoo Mail password using Yahoo Mobile App

  1. Open the Yahoo Mobile App on your Phone.
  2. Click ‘I can’t Access my Account‘ option which is just under the sign-in button.
  3. Now, click ‘Recover Your Password’ then enter your username in the username field and then click ‘OK‘.
  4. Your mobile number will be listed in masked format, click it and press ‘OK‘.
  5. You will find code or link with instructions on how to reset your password via SMS.
  6. Follow the instructions and then reset the password.

While resetting the password we recommend creating a secure Yahoo Mail Password. Finally, you will be able to Sign in to Yahoo Mail account and now you can change your recovery details associated with your account. Do not share any details publicly.

Continue to Yahoo Mail sign in page.