Instagram Password Reset Steps

Instagram Password Reset

Forgot Instagram password? Instagram password reset process can be completed via email address, phone number or linked Facebook account. But if you don’t have access to recovery email or phone number then you can not reset the Instagram password. So keep your recovery options up to date. Anyone of these three recovery options can reset an Instagram password easily. If you have created your Instagram using your existing Facebook account, you can directly login to your Instagram account using your Facebook.

Instagram Password Reset with Username or Email

  • Tap ‘Get help signing in’ underneath login box from the Instagram app.
    Instagram Password Reset
  • Tap ‘Username or Email’ box and enter either username or email address. Hit enter
    Reset Instagram Password
  • Instagram will send you a link to reset the Instagram password.
    As you select this option, shortly an email will be forwarded to the email address linked to the Instagram account. Login your email address and click the link to reset the password from the inbox.
    Recover Instagram Login Password
  • Tap ‘reset your Instagram password here.’ link as shown below.
    Instagram Reset Password
  • Enter a new password and tap ‘Reset password’.

Now you successfully changed the Instagram password.

Instagram Password Recovery with Phone Number

  • Choose ‘Send an SMS’ continue after step-two from method first.
    SMS will be sent to your phone number with Instagram password reset link.
    Reset Instagram Password Using Mobile
  • Click or copy the link to a web browser.
    You will be redirected to the Instagram password reset page.
  • Enter a new password and tap ‘Reset password’.

Reset Instagram Password Using Facebook Account

  • Tap ‘Reset using Facebook’ option continue after you search your username or email.
  • Click ‘OK’ on the Facebook confirmation page.
  • Enter a new password and tap ‘Reset’ as shown below.
    Instagram Reset using Facebook Account

I am not getting Instagram Password reset email

Sometimes you may mistype email address while signing up an Instagram account. Check whether you’ve used the correct email address or not. If you are not getting any email to reset Instagram password on your email address;

  • First, check whether you’ve entered the correct email address or not.
  • Check the Spam folder on email address.

Account Disabled

If you don’t follow Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, your Instagram account will be disabled. You will get a message when you try to log in. If you think your account is disabled mistakenly, check followings;

  • Appeal for the account from the app and enter login ingredients. And follow the instructions available on the screen.

If there are not any messages on the login screen, it may be you deleted your account accidentally. If you came to delete your account or someone used your login ingredients to delete the Instagram account, there is no way to restore the account. But, you can use the same username and email address to create a new Instagram account.

How to Update Instagram profile?

You can personalize your Instagram account by entering your personal information. Username and email address are compulsory, and rest are optional. You can add your full name, Website, Bio, Phone number, Gender, and Display picture. To personalize;

  • Go to your profile on the mobile application.
    You can edit your Instagram profile using a computer. But you can’t change your Display Picture from a computer.

Username already used, but inactive

If your chosen username is already used but the account seems inactive, it will be best adding numbers, abbreviations, periods, and underscores. To keep your Instagram account active, you need to log in and share photos/videos regularly. Prolonged inactivity on an account may permanently remove your account.

If the username you’re searching for is still available, you can register with this. You can later edit your profile to change the current username.

Sign in to Instagram after successful password reset process.





How to Upload, Crop, and Add Location to Instagram Photos?

Instagram Photos

If you have a keen interest in uploading video/photos, Instagram will be appropriate social networking site. It facilitates on sharing those uploaded Instagram photos on different social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr. Instagram has a free mobile app available for iOS, Android, and Windows phone in 25 different languages. Besides this, its third-party applications are available for Blackberry 10 and Nokia Symbian devices. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for Instagram online.

Here we will discuss different FAQs related to Instagram photo taking, editing, uploading, and sharing on the Instagram application.

Instagram Photos

How to Upload Instagram Photos?

It’s straightforward and easy to upload Instagram Photos. Instagram iOS and Android app have the same features on uploading photos, but Windows phone differs a bit regarding uploading. You can directly upload photo/videos using your gallery on a device. To upload photos using the gallery, tap on share option and choose Instagram.

Notice: – you can’t upload or take photo/videos using a desktop version.

Upload Instagram Photos using the Instagram App

To take or upload photos from Instagram follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Instagram application on your device and tap [camera] button.
    This icon will differ between iOS and Windows phone. You will be directed to your photos gallery.
  2. Click the photo button if you want to take a new picture.
    You can choose photos available on your device gallery. Note that Windows phone has a camera icon just below the gallery.
  3. Tap ‘next’  button on iOS or Android device and tap ‘done’ on Windows phone.
  4. Filter your photos on your choice. And upload your photos.

Crop Instagram Photos

When you choose or take pictures on Instagram, you can adjust its size by cropping correctly.

  • To crop your photo tap Setting gear icon.
  • Touch the screen and pinch to zoom in or out.
  • Move left or right to adjust accordingly.
  • Tap the right key icon to save your change.
    For Windows phone move your photo left or right side as per your requirement. Touchscreen and pinch to zoom in or out.

Add Caption on Instagram Photos

When you complete editing photo, tap the right key icon. Tap ‘Write a caption’ and add your caption. Tap ‘OK’ and tap share to upload your photo.

You can re-edit your caption that you’ve already shared with your list.

Add Location to Instagram Photos

After you choose or take and filtered your Instagram pictures, you can choose your location to your Instagram photos. To add location to your photo;

  • Tap ‘Add location‘.
  • Choose from the suggested location.
  • Tap ‘Share‘.

You can add personalized location to your Instagram images. Any public Facebook event can be added as a location. To create a new location, log in to your Facebook account and create a place. When location is created, you can add it to your Instagram photos. Note that you can no longer add a custom location.

Sign in to Instagram to access all its features.


How to Log Out from Instagram?

Instagram Logout

You don’t need to sign out from the Instagram app as you use it on a regular basis. Even if you want to add another Instagram account to your mobile app, you can do it without signing out from the previous account. But if you use Instagram to manage multiple accounts or you share a device with other people, then you want to learn how to log out from Instagram.

For a newbie to Instagram, it’s a bit tricky to get to Instagram log out button. It’s not visible in a direct view. Here in this article, we guide the steps to log out of the Instagram account on different devices.

Instagram Logout

How to Logout Instagram from Android Phone

  1. Open the Instagram application on your phone.
  2. Tap on your profile picture or profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. You’ll reach your profile. Tap menu in the top right corner. (it’s three horizontal lines.)
  4. Scroll down to the bottom. Tap on Settings icon.
  5. Tap on Log out.

Now you are signed out from the Instagram app.

How to Logout Instagram from iPhone/iPad

  1. Launch the Instagram app in your iPhone
  2. Tap on profile icon or pic on the bottom right corner.
  3. You’ll see a ‘Setting gear’ on the right corner of the top side, tap on it.
  4. There are various options, scroll to the end, and tap on ‘Log Out’ bottom.

Now, your Instagram signout process is complete.

Instagram Sign-out from Computer

Though signing out from mobile applications is not required, if you use Instagram from shared PC/laptop, it is recommended to log out while existing browser.

  1. Go to the Instagram home page
  2. Click on profile icon on the top right side of the page
  3. You’ll reach the profile setting. Click on three horizontal dots right beside ‘Edit Profile.’
  4. Select the option ‘Log Out’. Now you are signed off from that device.

If you need to Instagram log out from the device, you no longer have access to, such as your phone is lost and you need to log out from Instagram. Or You’ve forgotten to log out from other devices. The only option is to change your Instagram password, as there is not any other way to remotely log out from Instagram. Once you reset the password, your account will be automatically signed out from all devices.

You can log in with another Instagram account after signing out from your current account.




How to get followers on Instagram?

Increase Instagram Followers

Every social media user wants much and numbers of fan/followers. The number of followers is becoming a status symbol in the social media world. If you are an Instagram user, you surely want to increase Instagram followers so you can get more likes and appreciations for your photos and videos.

In today’s world digital presence is a substantial requirement for business.  So even for business, it’s essential to have big numbers of followers on Instagram. Many companies are promoting on Instagram and gaining customers from there. It is also helpful to increase your brand value. Significant numbers of followers on any social media present your strengths.

It’s not hard to increase followers if you act smartly. The most important thing is you need to post photos/videos which are interesting and appealing to others. In today’s meme culture you should post the funny and relevant meme. Apart from the content here are some proven methods to boost the number of your Instagram followers.

Though you can buy Instagram followers from third-party apps or sites, we strongly suggest you gain followers in the right way. You can also find sites claiming to increase followers for free, but most of them are useless. So let’s gain genuine followers for your account.

Increase Instagram Followers

How to get followers on Instagram 2019?

  1. Share unique and compelling content
    Unique content is what gets people to talk like, comment on, and share your posts. It will get more reach and new followers. Unique and compelling Instagram post can easily get viral.
  2. Follow what’s trending on.
    Find what kind of contents are trending on Instagram and post accordingly. Don’t repeat the same photos and videos. Pictures of special festival or occasion tend to attract more interaction and followers. Creative, Funny, Thought quotes and current issue related post gain a higher rate of interaction on Instagram.
  3. Share your post on other Social Media.
    When you use Facebook to share Instagram posts, you have more chance to get new Instagram followers. Whenever your Facebook friend joins Instagram, s/he will get a notification. And they will start following you. Linking other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest on your Instagram account promotes your engagement and leads new Instagram followers.
  4. Use relevant #Hashtags to your Instagram photos or videos.
    Give appropriate hashtag for your picture, start following the same hashtag. Don’t use more than three hashtags for one single image. Use some of the popular hashtags like #FollowBack, #TagForLikes, #141, #InstaFollow, #PhotoOfTheDay, and #FF to increase more Instagram followers.
  5. Make an eye-catchy caption.
    Each picture should have good caption before posting on Instagram. Perfect caption on post speaks more than the image itself. It increases users’ attention towards your post, and you may get more new Instagram followers. Ask questions in the captions of your photos. It is an excellent way to increase engagement.
  6. Include your Location in the post.
    Including the location on the pic is a good option if you are promoting local business on Instagram. People around your area will see your post and will remember your company. Posting location on the picture helps to gain local followers.
  7. Start a contest.
    Create a contest on Instagram and set some guidelines to participate, like you must follow first, like and share the post, etc. Share contest details on social sites, set prize, create a suitable hashtag for the post.
  8. Use the best filter for your picture.
    Filtering picture before posting it on Instagram make the difference to your Instagram followers. Proper use of the filter on image helps to gain more Instagram likes and new followers. Use filters which suit your pictures.
  9. Attractive bio and profile information.
    Write short and remarkable details about you on bio while signing up for an Instagram account. You need to make it noteworthy and influencing so that new users start noticing when they read your bio. Mention your hobbies, favorite sports, and sayings.
  10. Tag your friend in the post.
    Start tagging your friends in group pictures, quotes, Funny pictures, and storytelling pictures. It increases your activities on Instagram. The more your friends start commenting on your photo, the more chance of getting new followers to your account.
  11. Interact more with Instagram followers.
    Don’t leave any mention of your profile un-replied. Start commenting and liking your fan’s post and create a strong bond between them. Ask them about their opinion regarding the post and continue your engagement with your followers.
  12. Post regularly
    Regularly post high-quality content on Instagram. Your existing followers will interact with your content and it will be visible to their followers. This exposure will attract many new people to follow you.
  13. Choose the right time to post your content
    According to Hootsuite research, content posted from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Monday to Friday gives the best result.

Remember that your creativity on post, engagement, regularity, and proper images to post plays a vital role in gaining Instagram followers to your Instagram account. Besides these steps;

  • Like random pictures, you got on the Instagram platform to get attraction from new users.
  • Search users using #followback, #followme, and #likeforlike hashtags.
  • Tell a story. Add stories regularly to keep your follower updated.
  • Post your pictures often.
  • Follow users suggested by Instagram.
  • Follow people who have the most followers on Instagram.

Continue to Sign in to Instagram account.